What is TPACK, anyway?

Break out of the box: TPACK radio / video show from Punya Mishra on Vimeo.


What resonated with you?

  • New technologies provide new possibilities - we shouldn't do the same old thing with technology
  • 21st century teaching and learning is important - need customization
  • Content can be both standards and 21st century skills
  • We need to help our students move from the industrial to the conceptual age
  • Content doesn't change - what's important is the learning
    Customization possible with technology (e.g., flipped classroom) allows for many different kinds of learning experiences

What troubled you?

  • We need to question the focus on fun tools
  • We need to push the boundaries with technology and think beyond what's typical
  • But technology isn't the answer by itself
  • Is a lecture still just a lecture? - (e.g., coursera, Stanford, etc.)
  • Assessments need to change
  • We need to model ethical use of technology as we teacher others about technology
  • We need to be sensitive to the design of the multimedia that we use - a different kind of modeling
  • We may model and require tech use in teacher education - but how do we encourage transfer to classroom practice
  • Students should be the center of learning - not TPACK

What are the implications for ed tech professional development?

  • Technologies are continually changing - we need to help people keep up with things
  • How can we help teachers to be reflective about tools, ethics, teaching approaches
  • It's complex

TPACK Resources

TPACK.org for all things TPACK